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Crystalline Beauty

Adirondack Winterscapes - Jan 29 – Feb 1, 2023, Inlet, NY

One of my wishes for a winter workshop is to experience a variety of weather conditions, to challenge our preconceptions of winter and look for the creative possibilities no matter what’s presented. Adirondack beauty really shines in the extremes — especially big snows and hard icing. And we got a wide range this time in the central lake country — from blah overcast light, to snow-bound forests, and sunshine on a -2 degree morning — and made special images in each. We learned how to extract detail out of wooded shorelines in flat light, how to compose the snowy woods to tame the chaos and make order of tree patterns. And we were amazed by the subtle pastels of sunrise and the artistic possibilities presented in the subzero temperatures.

API is looking to schedule next year’s Winterscapes workshop in the Lake Placid Olympic region, where we’ll photograph magnificent Whiteface Mountain and the High Peaks, icy lakes and ponds, and snowy woods. I invite you to join us. You will learn a lot, be inspired, grow as a photographer, and photograph the crystalline beauty of some of the Adirondacks’ most magical places. Watch our website for scheduling details.

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