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Nature is a testament to endless possibility. We have an ancient, vital need to express our ideas about our relationship with nature. Photography gives us a wonderful medium to bring this expression to life in the field of infinite possibilities.

Whether you're looking to feed a new-found passion for photography, delve into the latest technologies, or just bring a piece of natural beauty home with you, the Adirondack Photography Institute is here to help! With our combination of fun, productive programs and expert, approachable instructors, we'll be your key to unlocking the power of your unique creative vision.

We are the only major photography learning organization specializing in getting you into the heart of Adirondack Park beauty, with all its diversity and grandeur, all within a short drive of many major eastern metropolitan areas.

Founded by John Radigan in 2004, the Adirondack Photography Institute continues to deliver quality workshops with some of the best photography instructors in the Adirondacks.  


"Nature is expressing itself to you.  You have to take it in, filter it, act on it, and then make an image."

~John Radigan 2009

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