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Cancellation Policy

Participant Cancellation and Refund Policy:

If you must cancel your program registration, please notify API as quickly as possible to ensure the most favorable treatment under our refund policy. Refunds are given under the following conditions:


  •  if cancellation is received at least 60 days prior to the start of the program, we will refund all funds received from you, less a $50 cancellation fee.

  • if cancellation is received less than 60 days, but at least 30 days prior to the start of the program, we will refund all funds received from you, less the registration deposit ($250 for most events).


There are no refunds given under any circumstances if:

  • cancellation is received within 30 days of the start of the program.

  • cancellation is received after the start of the program.

  • the registered participant is a no-show.

  • the anticipated weather or other conditions beyond our control do not meet the hopes of the participants.


Program Cancellation:

API reserves the right to cancel any program that does not meet minimum participation requirements. If we must cancel a program, this is done no later than two weeks prior to the start of the program, participants are informed as soon as possible, and all money received will be refunded within 30 days of the date of cancellation. API is not responsible for any additional losses incurred as a result of a program cancellation. This includes deposits paid to lodging providers, who may have their own cancellation policies. For this reason we recommend trip insurance.

Covid Cancellation Policy:

If API cancels an event or workshop due to continuing Covid concerns, there will be no cancellation penalty for participants.  You will have the choice of receiving a credit to use for a future event, have the funds moved to the re-scheduled event, or a full refund.  All of our canceled 2020 events are being re-scheduled for 2021, at the 2020 price.  

If you decide to cancel your participation in any event or workshop that is running as scheduled due to personal Covid concerns, you must contact us and make your decision known at least two weeks prior to its start.   If you cancel within two weeks of the event, you will receive a credit towards a future event or workshop.

Discounts Available

Returning participants are eligible for a 10% alumni discount.

Early registration is key to reserving your spot in our popular workshops.  It can also get you another discount!  Don't miss this opportunity!

Here's one more way to save:

Mention your camera club or other API affiliated membership to qualify for a discount.  See the list of participating resources on our website.


(Maximum discount of 20% applies if combined with other promotions.)

Skill Levels


You are new to photography and have so many questions you're not even sure where to start. You are not comfortable with your camera. You're not sure what makes some photographs look great and others not so great. You're looking to the instructor to help bring some order to the confusion and set you on a path.


You can find your way around the camera, but there are features you don't understand or know how to use. You don't feel that you can adequately capture what you see. You're hoping that the instructor can give you guidance on the when and how of using specific camera features, while also helping you to understand how to compose a good photograph.


You feel pretty comfortable with most of your camera features, although you may have questions about some of the details. You've taken some photos that you're quite pleased with. You are mostly looking to the instructor for new ideas and constructive help with your compositions.


You know how and when to use your camera features. You are pleased with many of your images. You might be looking to work in some new locations. Or maybe you’d like to tap the energy of a group of talented people to add to your creative toolbox.

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