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It was an exhilarating workshop! I felt that my photographic knowledge of my camera, settings, and lenses increased tremendously. I can't wait to do another workshop from Adirondack!

Flo R.

Mark was passionate & knowledgeable about his work, and eager to share his. He was also a great teacher who encouraged us to become better photographers. 

Colleen R.

They did a fantastic job of blending knowledge, professionalism and camaraderie to make the experience a great learning and enjoyable event for all of us.

Richard B.

Chris was well-prepared and had several "Plans B" for changing conditions. He was attentive to us and never far away for consultation. A relaxed four days with lots of learning, positive support, and humor. One of the most enjoyable workshops I have taken

Bill P.

[Mark]Very patient with the range of photography knowledge. Was able to adapt to changing weather conditions.

Dana B.

Chris is fun and unobtrusive--he gives us room to make pictures, but is very accessible. He quietly moves towards the photographer to see if he's needed, then gently makes his suggestion or answers a question. Time and time again I noticed how caring and considerate he is.

Bill P.

One of the best workshops I've been to. Everyone got along very well and helped each other.

Sharon C.

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