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You are new to photography and have so many questions you're not even sure where to start. You are not comfortable with your camera. You're not sure what makes some photographs look great and others not so great. You're looking to the instructor to help bring some order to the confusion and set you on a path.


You can find your way around the camera, but there are features you don't understand or know how to use. You don't feel that you can adequately capture what you see. You're hoping that the instructor can give you guidance on the when and how of using specific camera features, while also helping you to understand how to compose a good photograph.


You feel pretty comfortable with most of your camera features, although you may have questions about some of the details. You've taken some photos that you're quite pleased with. You are mostly looking to the instructor for new ideas and constructive help with your compositions.


You know how and when to use your camera features. You are pleased with many of your images. You might be looking to work in some new locations. Or maybe you’d like to tap the energy of a group of talented people to add to your creative toolbox.

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